Looking For Dry January Tips? The Apple Fizz Is Here For You.

The Beautiful Simplicity of the Apple Fizz

Opting for a dry January? The Apple Fizz is the easiest, cheapest, most realistic non-boozy drink to get you through those luxurious winter afternoons in the pub. You can drink these all day and feel like you’re enjoying nice pints of dry cider, minus the hefty bill and the inevitable hangover.

I LOVE wasting away at a nice pub for hours on end with friends, snacking & sipping the afternoon away. My perfect pub day is a bit drizzly outside, a nice little buzz of business in the pub (but not too crowded), and there is no live band. This one is controversial but I really feel that live music interferes with all the wandering conversations I want to be having. I really like it when friends kinda just pop in and out throughout the afternoon, and I especially like it when a real fireplace is present. This is one of my favourite chilly weather activities.

I am a beer drinker, I also love Caesars and red wine, and other things, but with a lifestyle that involves a lot of socializing, sometimes I have to consider my well being and sit one out.

So on those days when I want to hang out at the pub, but I also want to maybe workout later, or just feel really good in the morning, or save money, or (the list of reasons to not drink goes on…) I drink this.

What’s so great about this drink?

Most pubs have a shitty selection of non-alcoholic options. This makes sense for them, because they’re not in the business of selling 7 up, but it’s not very helpful when you’re avoiding booze. The options are usually coffee, pop, or virgin cocktails that cost the same (or more) than a beer. Who wants to spend 5 bucks on a drink that’s not beer? Not this gal.

The apple fizz is the solution. It looks and feels exactly like a dry cider, (think Strongbow, or something similar), but they’re booze free and low sugar, so you feel like a million bucks when you’ve been drinking them all afternoon.

The Apple Fizz

Serves 1

  1. A pint Glass

  2. 75-85% filled with Club Soda

  3. Topped up with apple juice

  4. Twist of lime

It is VERY important that you DO NOT put ice in this drink. The idea is that it feels like a pint that you can just kinda chug down. No straws, no ice. Trust me.

The best thing about the Apple Fizz is that because it’s mostly club soda, which the pub has on tap, you can order countless refills and they usually only end up charging you for one. It’s like the bottomless pop you used to order at Tommy Tuckers (or whatever boothy family restaurant you grew up with). Sometimes it’s a bit awkward explaining to your server the first time, but once you’ve had your first, they usually keep the refills coming, no questions asked.

Later on we can go catch some live music, or maybe (probably) karaoke.

Anybody else have a great pub hack I need to know about? Let me know in the comments below!


Check out this article from “A Sweat Life” featuring the Apple Fizz and other great ‘Mocktails’ to get you through Dry January.

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