Crispy Skin Salmon | A Perfect Dinner In 7 Minutes

How Often Do You Cook Fish At Home?

I took an unofficial poll of about 20 people, and determined that about 80% of people don’t cook fish at home as often as they would like to. Why is that? Is it the smell? The scales? The fear of choking on bones?

My solution - turn on the fan, buy a cheap pair of fish tweezers, and while you should double check with the person at the fish counter, most all fish that you buy in the grocery store has had the scales removed.

This is a topic for another day, although I’d love for you to share your thoughts in the comments about why YOU think we don’t eat enough fish at home.


Crispy Skin Salmon Is The Answer

For now, I’m going to share one easy way to cook fish at home, and that is where my best, foolproof crispy skin salmon comes in.

Crispy salmon skin is my favourite. There are many close competitors, other fish like mackerel and trout have great crispy skin too. This method can be used on any of those. Choose the fish you desire, or even better, get the freshest fish you can get your hands on.

For an easy guide on how to cook different fish, and which ones you can and can’t eat the skin of, download my cheat sheet. Heck, you can even print it off and put it on your fridge for easy reference. (If you do, please send me pictures because that would melt my heart!)

OK so here’s how you get perfect crispy skin salmon every single time.


Crispy Skin Salmon

  1. Make sure your salmon is de-boned and de-scaled.

  2. Preheat a heavy pan (Cast iron is my favourite) to medium low - about a level 4 on most electric stovetops. When I say preheat, I mean wait like… at least 5 minutes for it to heat through.

  3. Sprinkle the skin with plenty of salt and drizzle/rub with some vegetable oil.

  4. Place the fish skin side down onto a piece of parchment paper (not necessary if you really trust the non-stick capabilities of your pan, but why not rest easy? It’s a great hack.

  5. Drop the whole darn thing, on the paper, right into your pan.

  6. Hold the fish down with a metal spatula for the first 15 seconds of cooking to ensure good contact with the pan.

  7. Season the flesh side with salt.

  8. Wait 6 minutes (longer if you have an especially thick piece of fish, shorter if you have a thin one. Let’s say minimum 5 minutes, maximum 7.

  9. Flip it over and cook for about 30 seconds on the flesh side.

Now you can just kick back and enjoy the most perfect crispy skin salmon you’ve ever had. If you’re me, you’ll spend about 3 minutes just tapping on the skin and marvelling at the crispy sound. You can eat this with just about any side dish, but my favourite is usually a herby yogurt sauce and a crunchy salad. Fennel and citrus are always welcome to my salmon party.

Give this crispy skin salmon a try next time you want to impress yourself. You will not be disappointed.


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