How to Make Quick Pickles out of Pretty Much Anything

Quick Pickles Might be the Easiest Best way to Clean Out your Fridge


Quick pickles, or refrigerator pickles are vegetables or fruit that are packed in a hot brine and kept in the fridge. They are not fermented, and they don’t cook as much as with traditional canning methods so they retain some good crunch. Quick pickling is a perfect way to go if you have a small amount of veggies and it’s not worth it to set up a big canning production. Learning how to make quick pickles is also a great way to extend the life of some things in your fridge that are almost on their way to the compost bin.

I am very much addicted to all things sour and salty. I always like to have something pickled in the fridge so I can have instant access to something to wake up my taste buds. I stick them on sandwiches, add them to salads, and snack on them the second I walk through my door. Pickled veg is an easy thing to add to your dinner when all you want to eat is toast and buttered noodles, and you feel weird and guilty because you haven’t had a vegetable in 24 hours. They’re right there for you every time.

These carrots looked so good in the market the other day. I got so excited and ended up buying too many. I thought this was a perfect opportunity to show you how to make quick pickles.

How To Make Quick Pickles

  • Make the brine. This is a basic ratio that can be added to and jazzed up in a number of ways. The basic ratio is:

    • 250ml water

    • 250ml vinegar - I like malt or apple cider, but other ones work too

    • 1 Tbsp salt

    • 1 Tbsp sugar - optional, but I almost always use it.

    To jazz up the brine: You can add any number of fresh herbs, dried spices, garlic, ginger, play around with different kinds of vinegar to put your signature on these pickles.

    In this batch I used bay leaves, peppercorns, chili flakes and dried rosemary.

  • Cut up whatever vegetables you want to pickle. If you’d be willing to eat it raw, it’s a contender. Some good ones to start with:

    • Green beans

    • Carrots

    • Cucumber

    • Asparagus

    • Red onions

    • Celery

    • Radishes

  • Stuff the veggies into jars - you can pack them pretty tightly because they’ll wilt down slightly.

  • Pour the boiling hot brine over top until it covers the veggies completely. - It’s your choice if you want to strain the bits out before pouring into the jar.

  • Close the lid and let sit on the counter for 20 minutes or so before popping them in the fridge overnight.


Quick pickles will keep in the fridge for at least a month and more likely for many months


Are you a pickle enthusiast too? I’d love to hear your success stories. I’d also love to hear about your pickling adventures gone wrong. Comment below or join me on Instagram to talk it out!


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