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a bowl of salad greens.
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How To Build An At-Home Salad Bar

When I bring my salad ingredients home, I wash them right away and build my at-home salad bar. It’s the best solution I’ve found to store leafy greens and other salad ingredients and make sure we actually eat them!
Prep Time30 mins
Active Time30 mins
Course: Salads
Cuisine: Vegetarian
Keyword: salad, salad bar
Yield: 8 salads


  • 1 large bowl
  • 1 salad spinner
  • 1 half sheet pan
  • 1 1/2 size plastic insert with lid
  • 3 1/6 size plastic inserts with lids
  • 1 jar or squeeze bottle for dressing
  • 3 jars or containers for dry toppings


  • Wash and dry your greens, tear or chop them into bite-sized pieces, and fill your ½ insert with them.
  • Prepare your 3 “extras” and fill your ⅙ inserts with them.
  • Make your "dressing of the week" and keep it somewhere handy like your fridge door.
  • Fill your countertop containers with dry toppings (nuts, seeds, dried fruit)
  • Carve out a section of real estate in your fridge for the salad station to live
  • Grab your favourite bowl and assemble your dream salad!