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Holding a delicious Pear and Taleggio sandwich :)

Hi! I’m Paula!

I’m all about cooking, eating and sharing delicious food.

I started How To Make Dinner because I get SO much joy and fulfillment from cooking, and I’m pretty sure I can help you to love it more too. I also started it because it’s been my lifelong dream to have my own cooking show. Seriously. Like since I was 9 years old.

I want to teach you the basics so you can learn how to make dinner with ease and enjoyment, and develop confidence and freedom in the kitchen.

A bit of backstory:

I am not a food snob. I’m addicted to ketchup, I FREAKING LOVE frozen potato patties, and nothing makes me happier than a can of baked beans on toast. I don’t make any claims to be the world’s best chef. But I have cooked in a lot of really weird environments, and fed a LOT of people over the years. Since finishing culinary school in 2005, I have cooked in luxury hotel kitchens, to high-volume catering companies, to tiny cafes, a tree planting camp, and on a 92 foot sailboat going back and forth from B.C. to Alaska. I’ve spent over a decade working in kitchens all over British Columbia as well as a very memorable two years at a farm shop in rural Scotland.

Through these experiences, I have learned a lot of tricks, shortcuts, and time-saving strategies that can be totally game changing to the way you cook at home. There is almost always an easier way, and I want to show it to you.

Nearly three years ago, I encountered an opportunity to switch careers and enter the world of tech marketing. It was a crazy unique opportunity, and I’m always up for an adventure, so I dove in.

While I spend most of my time in front of a laptop these days instead of an oven, food is still the number one thing that gets me fired up in life. It’s pretty much all I think about. So I thought it was time to bring food and tech together and go online.

I hope you’ll join me! Your comments, questions, feedback and requests are always welcome.


“Thinking about lunch while I’m still eating breakfast” - Me