Conversion Table for Cooking and Baking

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What do you do when you encounter a recipe using weight measurements, but you don’t have a scale? Or vice versa? How many grams are in a cup anyway?

We’ve all been there.

Convert Volume to Weight

Welcome to my handy conversion table, designed to make your time in the kitchen easier. This table provides conversions from cups to grams for a variety of common cooking and baking ingredients. Whether you’re trying to translate a recipe or just curious about measurements, this guide can help you navigate your culinary journey with precision.

To learn more about my thoughts on measuring ingredients by weight instead of volume, check out my blog post here!

These conversions were all calculated by hand, by me, in my home kitchen. If you encounter any discrepancies, or if you notice an ingredient is missing from this table, please let me know in the comments.

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Cream cheese1 cup225 gramsDairy
Sour cream1 cup240 gramsDairy
Greek yogurt1 cup230 gramsDairy
Sweetened condensed milk1 cup310 gramsDairy
Butter1 cup225 gramsDairy
Coconut oil1 cup225 gramsOils
Shortening1 cup190 gramsOils
Flour – All Purpose1 cup120 gramsFlours
Cornmeal1 cup150 gramsGrains
Cornstarch1 cup130 gramsFlours
Sugar – granulated1 cup200 gramsSugars
Sugar – light or dark brown1 cup190 gramsSugars
Sugar – powdered1 cup120 gramsSugars
Sugar – turbinado1 cup190 gramsSugars
Honey1 cup200 gramsSugars
Nut butter1 cup260 gramsNuts and Seeds
Canned Pumpkin1 cup225 gramsCanned foods
Mashed Banana1 cup225 gramsFruit and Veggies
Walnuts – halves1 cup100 gramsNuts and Seeds
Coconut – flaked1 cup60 gramsNuts and Seeds
Chia seeds1 tablespoon10 gramsNuts and Seeds
Cacao nibs1 tablespoon8 gramsChocolate
Sesame seeds1 tablespoon8 gramsNuts and seeds
Chocolate chips1 cup170 gramsChocolate
Rolled oats1 cup100 gramsGrains
Steel cut oats1 cup175 gramsGrains
Brown rice1 cup190 gramsGrains
White rice1 cup200 gramsGrains
Quinoa1 cup170 gramsGrains (Pseudoseed)
Pinto beans (dried)1 cup190 gramsBeans and Legumes
Lentils (whole, dried)1 cup200 gramsBeans and Legumes
Lentils (split, red, dried)1 cup170 gramsBeans and Legumes
Chickpeas (dried)1 cup200 gramsBeans and legumes
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